TOM DOWD joins OFCCP as Director of the Division of Program Operations

Thomas M. Dowd joins OFCCP as Director of the Division of Program Operations where he will oversee the Functional Affirmative Action Program Unit and DPO’s three branches: Enforcement and Appeals, Field Liaison Operations and Technical Assistance, and Quality Assurance.

Tom has more than twenty years experience managing employment and training programs at the local, state, regional, and national levels. He joined the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration in 1994 as Division Director for Indian and Native American Employment and Training Programs. He rose through the ranks at ETA serving as Associate Regional Administrator in the Rocky Mountain Region, Regional Administrator in the Mid-Atlantic, founding Director of the Business Relations Group, Deputy Assistant Secretary, and, most recently, Administrator for the agency. From 2006-2007, Tom was tapped by the Department of the Interior to help establish the newly created Bureau of Indian Education where he was responsible for managing an $800 million national Indian education system serving 48,000 students at 184 federally-funded schools in 23 states. Upon returning to ETA, Tom played an integral role in leading the agency’s strategic implementation of research, demonstration projects, evaluations of public workforce programs, and oversight of $4.5 billion in workforce programs and activities under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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