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New Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL)

June 07, 2024

By: Amanda Bowman

Today, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) published its latest Corporate Scheduling Announcement List(CSAL)for Supply and Service compliance reviews. The list includes 462 unique companies and is comprised...

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A Guide to OFCCP's Proposed Revisions to the Scheduling Letter

May 11, 2023

By: Cassie Alfheim, Amanda Bowman and Evan Szarenski

On April 18, 2023, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a revised version of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program’s (OFCCP’s) proposed scheduling letter and itemized l...

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New Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) Released January 2023

January 20, 2023

By Amanda Bowman and Benjamin Kerner

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) released its first Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) for federal fiscal year 2023 today, January 20, 2023. The list includes Supply and...

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OFCCP Director Yang Shares Updates on CSAL and Agency Initiatives

May 11, 2022

By: Amanda Bowman

The Institute for Workplace Equality (The Institute) Annual Summit opened with a Fireside chat between OFCCP Director Jenny Yang and DCI Consulting’s David Cohen. A lot of great information was shared, including an update on the...

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Certification is Live for OFCCP's New Contractor Portal

April 04, 2022

By Amanda Bowman, Rosemary Cox, Bill Osterndorf

On March 31, 2022, OFCCP opened the certification portion of the agency’s new Contractor Portal. OFCCP developed the Contractor Portal as a means to ensure that federal contractors and subcontractors...

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OFCCP Has an Ambitious Regulatory Agenda

January 13, 2022

In December of 2021, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its semi-annual regulatory agenda for the various agencies within the DOL. The DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has an ambitious regulatory agenda for 2022. 


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California Pay Data Reporting Update

December 16, 2021
The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has released updated Excel and CSV templates for the 2021 reporting year, both available on the main filing page.

The notable change to the filing templates is the addition of a...

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EEO-1 2021 Filing Delayed Until April 2022

December 16, 2021
EEOC will be delaying the start of the 2021 EEO-1 data collection until April 2022. An announcement was posted on December 8, 2021 to both the current and former EEO-1 pages indicating that the data collection will open April 12, 2022.

The filing...

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Filing EEO-1 Reports May Take Longer than You Think

June 15, 2021

The current EEO-1 filing for 2019 and 2020 has experienced multiple delays, first in 2020 due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, and then in 2021 to announce site delays until April 2021 and data upload delays until May 2021. The site is now...

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EEO-1 Filing Deadline Expected in July

March 15, 2021

EEOC announced Friday, March 12th that the filing portal is now expected to open at the end of April 2021 and close in July 2021. The exact open and close dates have not been announced, but EEOC did note that the closing date will be posted once the...

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CA Pay Data Filing: New Teleworker FAQ

March 04, 2021
The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) released several new FAQs last week, one of which focusing on employees who live in California but physically report to an establishment outside of California.

Per the new FAQ, dated...

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EEOC Delays EEO-1 Opening until April 2021

January 12, 2021

EEOC announced today that the data collection for the 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 filings will be delayed until April 2021. The EEO-1 website also reflects this update.

As a reminder, EEOC previously announced a delay for both the 2019 and 2020 filings due...

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