California Pay Data Reporting Update

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has released updated Excel and CSV templates for the 2021 reporting year, both available on the main filing page.

The notable change to the filing templates is the addition of a “Submission Upload ID” that employers will obtain through a new registration process. Employers must use these new templates, as the 2020 filing template will not meet the upload specifications.  

Additionally, the process for filing will be different from the 2020 reporting year. Employers will need to register and log in to a portal before submitting their reports. The general steps and an updated user guide can both be found on the portal page.  

Although the EEOC will be delaying their EEO-1 data collection, the California DFEH has not indicated any planned delays, nor do we think employers should expect them. The reporting registration page appears ready for employers. The filing deadline will continue to be March 31, 2022. 

Stay tuned for additional details as DCI digests the updated user guide, as well as other updated or new materials, when released.  

For more information on California filing and how DCI can help, visit our California State Filing page.

Author: Amanda Bowman

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