CCE Systemic Compensation Discrimination Survey

As you probably are aware, OFCCP has released a notice to rescind its Interpretive Standards for Systemic Compensation Discrimination and Voluntary Guidelines. In support of this notice, OFCCP has stated that most contractors are not using the current Guidelines, and that the Interpretive Standards 'significantly undermine OFCCP's ability to investigate and identify compensation discrimination'. OFCCP is accepting comments on its proposed rescission and the Center for Corporate Equality (CCE) will be providing some suggestions for OFCCP. Toward that end, CCE is conducting a brief survey of contractors to determine the extent to which contractors are using the current guidelines and whether contractors think having a set of standards is useful.

Thank you for participating in this survey on compensation discrimination analysis. Survey results are ANONYMOUS. CCE will likely use the aggregate results of this survey as part of a submission to comment on the proposed rescission of OFCCP Compensation Standards and Guidelines.


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