4,500 Sites Listed With OFCCP’s New Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters

On March 13, 2007 OFCCP mailed Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters to CEOs along with its second FY 2007 scheduling list identifying approximately 4,500 facilities. OFCCP’s initial scheduling list was released in November 2006.


Who’s on the new list?


The new scheduling list includes approximately 4,500 facilities that have:

    • Self-identified as being an establishment of a federal contractor, or


  • Have been identified as an establishment by OFCCP.


How was the list generated?
OFCCP generated the list through its Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS). The list also includes establishments identified through external federal contract databases as part of the agency’s Contracts First Initiative.


Who’s not on the new list?
The list excludes establishments based on several factors such as those:

    • Currently undergoing a compliance evaluation;


    • Evaluated within the last 24 months;


    • Received the Secretary of Labor’s Opportunity Award or an Exemplary Voluntary Efforts Award within the last three years; or


  • Covered by FAAP (Functional Affirmative Action Program) agreements with OFCCP, which will be selected for evaluation through a separate process.


Note that companies that received a CSAL as a result of the November 2006 scheduling list may not receive another letter unless one or more additional establishments appear on the newly-released scheduling list.


What sites may be audited?
Beginning April 2, 2007, OFCCP regional offices may schedule compliance evaluations based on this scheduling list. However, not all establishments on the CSAL list may be scheduled for an evaluation. Also, establishments not on the CSAL list may be evaluated for various reasons, such as: subsequent scheduling releases, contract award notices, directed reviews, individual complaints, or conciliation agreement monitoring process. However, OFCCP will not schedule more than 25 new evaluations of a single contractor during a scheduling cycle (approximately 12 months).


More information on Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters is available on the OFCCP website.

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