$7.2 Million Sex Discrimination Case Settled

Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, owned by Valeant, will pay $7.2 million to settle a gender discrimination class action claim. The allegations include disparate compensation and bonuses on the basis of sex, and also include a sexually hostile work environment. The class includes 225 women in sales or sales managerial positions.

The complaint alleged lower pay for female employees, lower bonuses and stock option, and included 100 claims of sexual harassment. Additionally, allegations highlighted that male management suppressed women from holding senior and executive level positions.

This case highlights the importance of organizations going beyond base pay when conducting salary equity analyses.

The case is Bonnie Brown v. Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation, settled in July, 2016. The complaint and other information about the case can be found here..

By Joanna Colosimo, Senior Consultant, and Mike Aamodt, Principal Consultant, DCI Consulting Group


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