A Note on the EEO-1 Limbo

The month of June is typically when federal contractors begin preparations to pull data for the VETS 4212 and EEO-1 report filings. However, with the new March 2018 filing due date for the revised EEO-1 reporting, contractors are facing a unique filing season ahead. With a new administration and an EEOC Acting Chair that is not in agreement with the new pay component, the contractor community has been anxiously awaiting news of whether or not the pay component would be rescinded or revised.

Based on the communications around the EEO-1 report, it seems that contractors should prepare to file EEO-1 reports with the new pay component in March 2018. With that said, there is still a chance that the 2018 filing may not require the pay component, and DCI’s recommendation is to not move forward with any system changes until guidance is provided from EEOC on what the filing timeline and specifications will be. DCI believes that EEOC may offer an extension if the pay component will be required in 2018, which would afford organizations the necessary time to appropriately set up or calibrate their systems to provide the required pay data. Stay tuned for further information in the coming weeks.

And the VETS 4212 report? By all accounts, the VETS 4212 filing will move forward as usual, due by September 30, 2017.

By Jana Garman, Senior Consultant, and Yevonessa Hall, Senior Consultant, at DCI Consulting Group

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