DCI Introduces DCI Dashboards for AAP Data

The DCI Software Division has released our newest web application: DCI Dashboards for AAP Data. Throughout the design and development of the DCI Dashboards, two overarching goals guided our work: provide our clients with innovative ways to view information from their organization’s AAP analytics, and provide trending and comparisons across multiple years and AAP establishments. The result is a powerful, easy-to-use tool that assists our clients with effectively implementing affirmative action and equal employment opportunity programs in their organizations. 

Some of the ways that the DCI Dashboards allow clients to go beyond the basics of AAP reports include: 

  • Visualizations – results from all AAP analytics are displayed using colorful charts and graphs. 
  • Interactivity – viewers can interact with the visual elements, such as viewing details by mousing over a graphic and hiding parts of a chart by clicking on items in the key. 
  • Different Views – compare demographics to benchmarks from external sources such as EEO-1 and BLS data; see results grouped by EEO-1 job category; view metrics by AAP establishment displayed on a point map with relative effect sizes; and, see establishment-level results grouped by region/territory, area of executive responsibility, or other organizational level. 

Examples of the types of questions that the DCI Dashboards can answer quickly and easily for an organization include: 

  • Which job groups have the most placement goals for minorities across the entire organization? 
  • What percentage of placement goals for women are recurring across years? 
  • Which establishments have the highest (and lowest) goal attainment rates? 
  • How does a particular establishment compare to the entire organization on various metrics? 
  • Which race/ethnicity group is most affected by differences in selection rates across the entire organization? 
  • Which type of personnel activity shows the greatest potential compliance risk? 
  • Which job groups have the lowest utilization rates for individuals with a disability across the entire organization? 
  • Which establishments have the highest hiring rates for veterans? 

The DCI Dashboards for AAP Data application is the first in a series of DCI Dashboards applications planned for release over the next 18 months. If you would like to know more or see a demonstration of these dashboards, please visit https://www.dciconsult.com/contact-us and include a note about “DCI Dashboards” in the Comments field.   

By Fred Satterwhite, Director of Software

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