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Geale Appointed Acting Solicitor of Labor

February 22, 2017

Last week, a Bush administration attorney, Nicholas Geale, was quietly named the Acting Solicitor of Labor.  His name and contact information has been updated on the DOL key personnel website as both the Acting and Deputy Solicitor.


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CSAL letters are being issued as of February 17th

February 22, 2017

DCI has confirmed with OFCCP that a new round of CSAL letters were officially mailed as of February 17th. The letters were sent directly to establishments and “Frequently Asked Questions” resources have been updated on the Department of Labor’s...

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The OFCCP Institute Writes to EEOC requesting information on revised EEO-1 report

February 21, 2017

Through our previous blog posts, we have kept our readers updated on changes to EEO-1 reporting scheduled to go into effect March 2018. Recently, President Trump put forth a regulatory freeze on new and pending regulations, which affects the revised...

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LGBT Workplace Protections to Remain in Place with New Administration

February 16, 2017

President Trump’s office issued a press release on January 31st, stating his intention to continue enforcing Executive Order 13672. This order was issued by President Obama in July 2014, amending Executive Order 11246 to extend protection from...

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OFCCP Auditing Federal Contractors Without New CSALs

February 10, 2017

The OFCCP uses an administratively neutral process called the Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS) to select contractor establishments for audit. Contractors selected by the FCSS historically have been sent Corporate Scheduling Announcement...

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Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Record on Employment Law As a 10th Circuit Court Judge

February 07, 2017

In researching Judge Gorsuch’s record, I found 13 relevant employment discrimination cases.*  By my count, 9 were favorable to employers and four were fully or partially favorable to employees.  Sizing up a potential justice is, of course, more than...

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