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Over the past few decades, pay equity has become a hot topic and priority for social justice advocates, enforcement agencies, and savvy employers. Typically the pay gap is defined as the difference in men's and women's median earnings, but for enforcement agencies and employers, also applies to differences in minority and non-minority group earnings. In light of social pressure and enforcement action by federal agencies such as OFCCP and EEOC, many employers are proactively conducting pay equity studies to ensure they are addressing the overall pay gap within their own workforce.


As proactive pay equity continues to be a topic of discussion, DCI is continuing research efforts to understand pay equity practices in organizations. DCI Consulting Group developed a survey to engage organizations in a discussion of current practices and future plans for effectively evaluating pay equity analytics. Responses will be reviewed by DCI staff, and used to compile a comprehensive resource on benchmarking and best practices amongst organizations for conducting effective pay equity studies. This survey is anonymous and no information can or will be tied back to your organization. DCI will be publishing the results of the survey at a later date.


Please take the 10 minute survey here.


By Joanna Colosimo, Director of EEO Compliance at DCI Consulting Group

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