Decision to Halt EEO-1 Pay Data Collection Draws Attention from Congress, National Women’s Law Groups

Yesterday the National Women’s Law Center and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law filed FOIA requests directed at OMB, seeking information to shed light on the decision making process that resulted in its recent decision to halt the EEOC’s EEO-1 pay data collection.


Additionally, over 100 members of both the House and Senate sent a letter addressed to OMB’s Neomi Rao and EEOC’s Victoria Lipnic demanding clarity on the decision to halt EEO-1 Pay Component 2.  The letter asked for the information by September 26, 2017.  Their questions include:


  1. Seeking justification for reviewing the data collection;
  2. Detailed explanations of what circumstances have changed, and what burden estimates were originally in error;
  3. Documentation from OMB’s conclusions regarding the lack of utility and privacy/confidentiality issues;
  4. A list of all prior instances when OMB previously conducted Paperwork Reduction Act reviews and then stayed a regulation;
  5. The date by which EEOC will provide an updated proposal or regulation that meets the goals of the pay data collection;
  6. A list of stakeholders that OMB met with to arrive at their conclusions to halt the collection of wage and pay data.


Read the Bicameral letter from members of Congress to OMB and EEOC here.


By Joanna Colosimo, Director of EEO Compliance at DCI Consulting Group

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