The Department of Homeland Security has posted on its website that federal contractors (and subcontractors) will be required to use E Verify (Executive Order 12989) as of September 8, 2009. President Bush amended the new rule by on June 6, 2008, instructing federal agencies to require federal contractors to agree to electronically verify employment eligibility of their employees. Only federal contractors awarded a new contract after September 8, 2009 will be affected. Federal contractors will not be allowed to use E-Verify to verify current employees until after September 8, 2009. The amended Executive Order upholds the policy that the federal government does business with companies whose employees can legally work in the US. The new rule requires federal contractors agree to use E-Verify confirming employment eligibility of all current employees as well as all people that were hired during the contract term.

By Johnny Fuller, Director of Affirmative Action Programs, DCI Consulting Group

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