The EEOC has announced the settlement of a sexual harassment lawsuit against GLC Restaurants (GLC) for $550,000 and remedial relief on behalf of a class of teenage workers who were sexually harassed by a middle-aged male supervisor, including unwanted touching and lewd comments. GLC is a franchisee doing business as McDonald’s Restaurants in Arizona and California.

The EEOC alleged in the lawsuit that the male supervisor in question was a repeat offender who subjected eight young women to a sexually hostile workplace. The same manager had allegedly harassed teen female employees at another GLC-owned McDonald’s Restaurant. The EEOC said the company knew of this manager’s earlier conduct, but failed to take appropriate action to prevent him from repeating the unlawful behavior.

The settlement calls for GLC to take the following actions, including:

  • Pay $550,000 to the eight young women;

  • Agree to an injunction prohibiting the company from discriminating based on sex;

  • Provide sexual harassment training to its employees;

  • Review and revise its policy and procedures for reporting harassment;

  • Take complaints about unlawful conduct seriously;

  • Investigate complaints promptly; and

  • Ensure there will be no retaliation against employees who complain.

(EEOC v. GLC Restaurants, Inc., d/b/a/ McDonald’s Restaurant, Civil Action No. CIV-05-0618-PCT-DGC).

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