EEOC Settles Lawsuits Against Alabama and Mississippi Employers

by Patricia A. Schaeffer, Vice President-Regulatory Affairs

The EEOC reached settlements with three employers in Alabama and Mississippi for a total of nearly half a million dollars and injunctive relief.

The settlements involved lawsuits with:

Pemco Aeroplex: A class action lawsuit against Pemco Aeroplex, a Birmingham-based aerospace and defense company, was settled for $390,000 and an agreement by the company to modify its workplace discrimination policies. Allegations against the company involved nooses, swastikas, and other threatening symbols creating a hostile work environment for African American workers.

Ryan’s Restaurant Group: The company agreed to pay $41,000 to an African American worker who alleged the company created and condoned a racially hostile work environment at its Jasper, Alabama restaurant. The harassment included the display of hangman’s nooses by the restaurant’s manager. The employee complained about the workplace nooses, and was fired in retaliation.

Renal Care Group, Inc.: The company will pay $21,000 to settle a lawsuit alleging it discriminated against an African American facility manager and fired her for complaining about the discrimination.

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