EEOC Settles Sex Discrimination Lawsuit for $2.3 Million

by Patricia A. Schaeffer, Vice President-Regulatory Affairs

The EEOC announced that it had settled a lawsuit against Jeff Wyler Eastgate, Inc. and 10 additional Jeff Wyler-owned auto dealerships alleging they discriminated against a class of qualified women on the basis of sex by refusing to hire them for automobile sales positions. The company denied liability for the violations alleged in the EEOC’s lawsuit.

The case was resolved by consent decree in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Western Division. Under the settlement, the company will provide $2.3 million to 39 class members who sought employment in automobile sales positions. The consent decree also provides for the hire of class members, to whom the company will extend job offers. Other provisions include management accountability in the area of EEO, manager training on EEO requirements, and reporting and monitoring provisions.

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