The OMB-approved voluntary disability self-identification form allows for employees to provide their name, but no other unique identifying information. What if a federal contractor has multiple employees with the same name (e.g., John Smith)? Unfortunately, in cases like these, the name will not serve as a unique identifier. This may make the data collection process more tedious and harder to accurately track. Although the OFCCP does not provide much guidance in this area, we do know that the form cannot be altered. Therefore, to assist in your data collection efforts, we have listed below some tips on how to capture a unique identifier during the self-identification process.

If electronic form:

  • Include a screen, prior to the self-identification form, where an employee can provide their employee ID and location (if deemed necessary).
  • If it is preferred that the screen comes after the form, ensure that the employee is required to click to ‘next page’ to complete the voluntary self-identification form. In addition, this “closing screen” can serve as a vehicle to provide additional information on how to request a reasonable accommodation.

If paper form:

  • Develop a cover page that serves as an ‘intro’ to the form.
  • Include the cover page with the self-identification form where the employee can provide their employee ID and location (if deemed necessary).
  • Combine the voluntary disability self-identification form with other required collection forms that allow for format flexibility (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender or VEVRAA voluntary self-identification form).


by: Yevonessa Hall, M.P.S., Associate Consultant, and Keli Wilson, M.A., Senior Consultant, DCI Consulting Group

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