GAO OFCCP Recommendations: Have We Met Before?

In light of Pat Shiu’s recent departure from OFCCP (as of 11/6/16) and the continuous buzz around the OFCCP-focused GAO report, we wonder… what’s next? As a follow-up to DCI’s 9/29/16 blog, we wanted to share some interesting similarities between the GAO report and OFCCP’s FY17 budget proposal.

GAO Recommendation

FY17 Request for OFCCP

“Make changes to the contractor scheduling list so that compliance efforts focus on those contractors with the greatest risk of not following equal employment opportunity and affirmative action requirements.” “Continued focus on data to improve the effectiveness of worker protection agencies and maintained investment in the shared information technology platform, including updating the agency’s enforcement database to fully participate in a digital government integrated platform that will enhance data quality and increase the agency’s ability to focus limited enforcement resources on more likely violators…”
“Make changes to the current scheduling list distribution process so that it addresses changes in human capital and does not rely exclusively on geographic location.” “OFCCP will establish two Skilled Regional Centers. These centers, which would be located in the Pacific (San Francisco) and Northeast (New York) regions, would have highly skilled and specialized compliance officers capable of handling various large, complex compliance evaluations in specific industries, such as financial services or information technology… The agency’s move toward regional specialization in more complex cases will reduce the need for 48 brick-and-mortar field offices…”
“Provide timely and uniform training to new staff, as well as provide continuing training opportunities to assist compliance officers in maintaining a level of competence to help ensure quality and consistency of evaluations across regions and district offices.” “The OFCCP National Training Academy (Training Academy) will support contractor compliance and public education by providing educational Webinars or courses. The Training Academy will also conduct extensive training for OFCCP’s compliance officers and staff, and provide sessions for OFCCP’s non-contractor stakeholders such as community-based organizations, and others.”
“Assess existing contractor guidance for clarity to ensure that contractors have information that helps them better understand their responsibilities regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action requirements to ensure equal employment opportunities for protected workers.” “To assist contractors in complying with their regulatory responsibilities, in FY 2017 OFCCP’s field offices will continue to conduct compliance assistance activities, and these activities will incorporate some improved tools and materials directed at self-assessment of contractor pay practices. OFCCP will continue to issue technical assistance guides, fact sheets and brochures that describe its enforcement priorities, the laws it enforces, and what companies can do to achieve compliance.”


Are these tell-tale signs of what is to come under the Trump administration? Only time will tell, but it’s always nice to see a sneak preview!

By Yevonessa Hall, Senior Consultant, and Yesenia Avila, Associate Consultant, at DCI Consulting Group

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