Just in time for the holidays: DCI’s Dr. Dunleavy helps publish book on Adverse Impact

For those interested in adverse impact analysis, we strongly recommend reading the new book Adverse Impact Analysis - Understanding Data, Statistics, and Risk. The book, co-edited by Dr. Scott Morris (Illinois Institute of Technology) and our own Dr. Eric Dunleavy, who leads the Personnel Selection and Litigation Support Services Group at DCI, brings together diverse perspectives on disparity analysis, spanning work from statistics, industrial/organizational psychology, human resource management, labor economics, and law. Scott and Eric provide a comprehensive and integrated summary of current practices in the field of EEO analytics, and have assembled a group of over 30 expert chapter authors to share their perspectives. Throughout, the description of methods is grounded in the legal context and current trends in employment litigation and the practices of federal regulatory agencies.

The book provides guidance on all phases of disparity analysis, including:

  • How to structure diverse and complex employment data for disparity analysis
  • How to conduct both basic and advanced statistical analyses on employment outcomes related to employee selection, promotion, compensation, termination, and other employment outcomes
  • How to interpret results in terms of both practical and statistical significance
  • Common practical challenges and pitfalls in disparity analysis and strategies to deal with these issues

For more information on this book and to order a copy, please visit here. If you are looking for that perfect, last minute, holiday gift for the statistician or committed EEO practitioner in your life…we hope this is just the right fit!

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