In a live web chat on Thursday May 7, 2009, Department of Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis rolled out the agencies FY 2010 budget. During the presentation, the Secretary specifically addressed the budget for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). The 2010 budget calls for a significant increase in both funding and staff. More specifically, the funding calls for an increase in the budget from $82.1 million to $109.5 million (33 percent increase). The additional funding will be used to develop a new case management system, hire an additional 213 FTE, fund experts to verify OFCCP’s allegations, and release funding for litigation. This additional hiring will bring the total number of employees from a current 585 to 798. The budget addressed the complexities associated with the OFCCP’s compensation Standards and Guidelines that were released in 2006 and how new staff will be brought in to assist with the enforcement with this initiative.

In addition, the budget request includes $2 million to develop a new case management system to enhance OFCCP’s compliance and enforcement strategies.

A press release about the FY 2010 budget and budget details are posted on the DOL web site.

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