A Look at the Annual DOL Report

The Department of Labor has released its plan for Fiscal Year 2018, including a look at where the OFCCP intends to go over the coming year.


The report highlights OFCCP’s switch from active case management to active case enforcement, and a broader focus not only on systemic hiring discrimination, but systemic compensation discrimination, as well. Through investments in training for OFCCP officers and managers, the agency is reported to have closed “1,142 compliance evaluations in FY 2017 that included $23.9 million in financial remedies for 11,653 victims of discrimination.”


Goals of the OFCCP for the coming year include an emphasis on assisting federal contractors in compliance assistance and re-evaluating their process for scheduling and carrying out compliance evaluations. The report section ends by stating “And, when compliance evaluations are conducted, they will be efficient and thorough, and appropriately transparent.”


With a new Director in place, OFCCP seems poised to make some changes toward compliance assistance and more efficient compliance enforcement. DCI will keep you informed of further updates about OFCCP initiatives and procedures.


By Rachel Monroe, HR Analyst at DCI Consulting

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