Looking For A Great Legal Update (On Top Of The DCI Client Alert)?

I wanted to make sure that readers of our DCI client alert were aware of another great EEO/AA resource. Dr. Rich Tonowski, Chief Psychologist at EEOC, is also the legal chair of the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington D.C. (PTC/MW), where he writes a fantastic monthly column updating the community on EEO issues. PTC/MW is the local (non-profit) Industrial-Organizational Psychology community organization in Washington D.C., and holds monthly meetings on a variety of HR/research topics.


I have had the opportunity to work with Rich on the PTC/MW board (made up entirely of volunteers) during the last two years, and am convinced that his column is one of the best free EEO resources available (along with DCI client alerts). Rich’s objectivity and expertise are obvious in his writing, and his column is exhaustive in summarizing the latest hot EEO/AA issues. These columns are available on the PTC/MW website at no cost.


The most recent column reviews some hot off the press case law, summarizes the latest in disability discrimination, discusses a fascinating affirmative action case out of New York where Italian-Americans may be the disadvantaged group, and considers some interesting compensation and adverse impact issues. Archives of this column (and a great quarterly newsletter) are available to PTC/MW members, and membership is only $30!


by Eric Dunleavy, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, DCI Consulting Group

Updated 2017–this feature is no longer available.

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