Medtronic Settles With OFCCP On Wage Discrimination Charges

In a news release dated 9/23/13, the OFCCP announced a $290,000 settlement with Medtronic Interventional Vascular Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medtronic (see The OFCCP alleged that 78 entry-level Hispanic senior production associates were paid less than their white counterparts. Medtronic agreed to pay the affected workers $290,000 in back wages and interest for pay disparities dating back to April 2008. They also agreed to conduct EEO training on pay practices for all decision makers in the Medtronic Interventional Vascular facility.

According to BNA, the OFCCP's claims were based on statistical analysis during a compliance review, rather than any employee complaints. According to the BNA report, the OFCCP found no current pay disparities for Hispanic employees.

In the same report, BNA reported that the OFCCP reached a separate agreement with C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc., which agreed to $100,000 in back pay and interest to settle OFCCP allegations of sex discrimination against a class of 198 rejected female applicants for selector packer positions from January through December 2006 at its Birmingham, Alabama warehouse. The agreement calls for job offers with retroactive seniority to 29 of the class members as selector packer jobs become available.

by Art Gutman, Ph.D., Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

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