New Edition of EEO Law and Personnel Practices is Available

by Eric Dunleavy, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, DCI Consulting Group

For those of you looking for an excellent and current EEO/AA reference, the newest edition of Art Gutman’s EEO Law and Personnel Practices is now available.

This edition, co-authored by Laura Koppes and Steve Vodanovich, is an excellent resource for HR practitioners, compliance analysts, consultants, and lawyers who work within the landscape of personnel selection and EEO/AA law. This volume offers a contemporary and comprehensive review of all EEO/AA statutes, an encyclopedic summary of case law, recent OFCCP and EEOC enforcement initiatives, and useful compliance and practice recommendations. As the reviews below suggest, the book is an excellent resource:

"Dr. Gutman and authors have produced the most authoritative treatment of EEO law and its applications to human resources management available today." - Edward Levine, Psychology, University of South Florida, USA

"The authors have developed a thorough volume. In fact, by increasing the coverage of compliance issues, they have increased the audience diversity so that the third edition is likely to be of more value that the 2nd edition to EEO practitioners, organizations and students." - Jerard F. Kehoe, Selection and Assessment Consulting, LLC

"The book is deceptively simple, but it clarifies the essentials of EEO laws and does so with frequent linguistic gems. The general scope of legislation and litigation is clearly organized and described, with close attention to current status of both statutory and case law. It is a necessary book for those new to EEO problems, and a handy one to wake up those who think they've lived through it all already." - Robert Guion, Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, USA

"This book should be required reading and available for reference to all those who do research on or are engaged in any way in the human resource function. The legal system is an integral part of the manner in which organizations deal with people and this book is a readable and thorough explanation of the issues and questions that arise in all aspects of human resource management. This new edition is up-to-date and thorough in its treatment." - Neal Schmitt, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University, USA

"EEO Law and Personnel Practices is a very important and somewhat unusual book. It is one of the few books that considers so many of the issues facing the workplace in this changing society. Its broad range includes issues related to race, religion, national origin and sexual discrimination. What makes it special is the depth of the coverage of each of the issues. Thus, for example, the discussion of national origin covers citizenship requirements as well as speak English only rules. For each of the important topics, the authors cover both the history of the issue, the research and the judicial decisions. This is must reading for anyone involved in practice or research in organizations and most importantly for students who will be entering this dynamic and rapidly changing field. The authors are to be congratulated." - Irwin L Goldstein, Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University System of Maryland, USA

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