OFCCP Compliance Assistance Town Hall Recap

On September 19, 2017, the OFCCP held the first Compliance Assistance Town Hall at the Department of Labor in Washington, DC. The 4 hour event was a structured opportunity for the contractor community to provide actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing the scope and quality of OFCCP's compliance assistance efforts. Participants engaged in interactive exercises to develop ideas into specific plans for possible implementation and delivery. Overall, contributors agreed that the following recommendations should be OFCCP’s priority in revamping compliance assistance:


  • OFCCP website overhaul to include “live-chat” features and “Wikipedia” style resources for pertinent compliance assistance topics
  • Industry specific on-demand webinars
  • Specific step-by-step checklists and flow-charts
  • Contractor “Bill of Rights” which was described as a project plan identifying expectations of both the contractor and compliance officer at the onset of a compliance evaluation

As always, DCI will keep the contractor community in the loop if any of these recommendations are implemented in the future.

By Macy Cheeks, HR Analyst at DCI Consulting Group 

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