OFCCP Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory

OFCCP has provided an online resource to support contractors in their efforts toward recruiting qualified individuals with a disability and protected veterans. This Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory includes “…a non-exhaustive directory of groups and organizations that are available to provide assistance with training, recruiting, and hiring veterans and individuals with disabilities.” The database’s search function allows for specifying region or state, protected category (disability and/or veteran), and EEO-1 job category.


The site offers several options for downloading the directory content, including the nationwide directory and narrowed searches by state or region. A helpful tip is to save the download as an Excel file for the most user-friendly format. If using a Chrome browser, the file will automatically save as a Java Server Pages (.jsp) file, requiring reformatting of the file if an Excel document is desired.


DCI highly recommends that contractors make use of this directory. It is worth noting that this is a small sampling of the resources available to contractors and additional efforts for recruiting individuals with a disability and protected veterans is critical to casting a wider recruitment net.


By Jana Garman, M.A., Consultant, DCI Consulting Group

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