by Patricia Schaeffer, Vice President-Regulatory Affairs

On March 6, 2008, OFCCP held its second in a series of free national webinars to discuss its 2008 policy priorities and answer questions. OFCCP Deputy Director David Frank and the Policy Division’s Acting Director Lynn Clements made the presentations on this webinar. The presentation slides are posted on OFCCP’s website. Here are some of the highlights from this webinar:

1. FY 2008 Supply & Service Scheduling Process: The speakers reviewed the information posted on OFCCP’s website about the new scheduling list.

2. VEVRAA Regulatory Changes: Lynn Clements reviewed the VEVRAA regulatory changes, including the new 60-300 regulations and updates to 60-250 regulations. Details on these changes are posted on their website.

3. Compensation Discrimination: Javid Kaiser, OFCCP’s new Director of Division of Statistical Analyses, was introduced on the webinar. The presenters also mentioned that OFCCP has developed consistent internal procedures to evaluate compensation and have prepared an internal document to the field to ensure consistency in implementing the compensation standards and guidelines.

4. Accessibility of Online Application Systems: David Frank discussed this as a very high priority for OFCCP. OFCCP will issue technical assistance on how to comply with accessibility requirements and what the law requires contractors to do.

5. Electronic Recordkeeping: A new directive for compliance officers on electronic recordkeeping is near completion. It should offer guidance on when it’s appropriate to maintain records electronically.

6. Proposed Rulemaking on New EEO-1 Race/Ethnicity Groupings and Job Categories: Lynn Clements said they are still talking to the Office of Management and Budget about a proposed rule on the new EEO-1 race/ethnicity groupings and job categories, but she could not say when to expect it to be released. She noted that interim guidance is available on OFCCP’s website.

7. Future OFCCP Webinars:
Look for an OFCCP operational update webinar in May and a policy update webinar in July.

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