OFCCP Pumps Gas on Steering: Comcast Signs Conciliation Agreement for Sex and Race Discrimination

On a news release dated April 30, 2015, OFCCP announced that Comcast Corporation’s Everett, WA location entered into a conciliation agreement to resolve allegations of sex and race discrimination.  OFCCP’s review determined that Comcast steered 96 women into lower paying customer-service positions rather than the higher paying technical positions.  Comcast will pay a total of $53,633.48 in back pay and interest to the 96 affected current and former female employees.

Additionally, the conciliation agreement established that Comcast disproportionately rejected 100 African American, Asian, and Hispanic applicants due to hiring tests that were not consistently applied or validated as being related to the call center jobs.  Comcast will pay $133,366.52 in back pay and interest to the 100 minority applicants.  Additionally, Comcast agreed to hire 31 members of all affected classes as call center positions become available.

For additional considerations on avoiding steering in your organization, visit our blog.

By  Joanna Colosimo, Senior Consultant at DCI Consulting Group 

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