OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu announced last Thursday, July 7th, the release of their regulatory agenda for this past spring of 2011. In the agenda, OFCCP has ambitiously proposed regulations over the next year for veterans, individuals with disabilities, women, and minorities. Additionally, OFCCP casually noted a new compensation data collection tool that was slated for proposal last month. An outline of the regulatory agenda and timeline is as follows:
  • Compensation data tool - ANPRM June 2011 with NPRM June 2012

  • Veteran Regulations – final rule target date not announced

  • Section 503 - NPRM August 2011

  • Sex discrimination guidelines (41 CFR 60-20) - NPRM February 2012

  • Construction regulations - NPRM November 2011

If the Spring 2011 Regulatory Agenda is an accurate depiction of when new regulations will be proposed, both OFCCP and the contractor community will be facing a busy upcoming year. Director Shiu invites the contractor community to join her for a live web chat on Tuesday (7/21) at 1:00 PM (EST) which will feature an open dialogue to discuss the regulatory agenda with questions from the contractor community welcomed.

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