Tomorrow, Friday, June 16th, The Department of Labor's OFCCP will release its new final standards for evaluating systemic compensation discrimination, along with guidelines for federal contractors to self-evaluate their compensation systems. The long-awaited controversial guidelines come exactly 19 months after they were first proposed for public comment on November 16, 2004.

Select the following links to download the new guidelines:

Interpreting Nondiscrimination Requirements of Executive Order 11246 With Respect to Systemic Compensation Discrimination

Voluntary Guidelines for Self-Evaluation of Compensation Practices for Compliance With Nondiscrimination Requirements of Executive Order 11246 With Respect to Systemic Compensation Discrimination

DCI has worked closely with the contractor community, employer organizations, and OFCCP in the past year and a half to analyze the complex implications posed by the proposed systemic compensation discrimination guidelines. We have also worked hard to identify practical strategies and approaches contractors should consider when implementing the guidelines.

Now that the compensation guidelines have been finalized, we look forward to sharing our expertise and insights on the new guidelines at a special interactive complementary teleconference for DCI clients and other federal contractors on Friday afternoon.

Space will be limited and registrations for the teleconference will be confirmed for eligible participants on a first-come basis.

If you are interested in participating in this teleconference, please send an email to: register@dciconsult.com. The call-in number and presentation materials will be e-mailed to confirmed registrants prior to the teleconference.

DCI is currently reviewing the final guidelines closely, and we will issue a comprehensive analysis prior to the teleconference.

OFCCP’s final systemic compensation discrimination guidelines will have a significant impact on the federal contractor community. DCI looks forward to working with you to help prepare your companies for the challenges posed in implementing these new standards.

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