OMB Completes Review of EO Survey; Release Believed Imminent

(UPDATE: The EO Survey will be eliminated effective September 8, 2006- click here for details.)


Federal contractors will soon learn the official fate of OFCCP’s controversial Equal Opportunity (EO) Survey.


DCI has learned that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) completed its review on September 1, 2006 of OFCCP’s proposal to eliminate the EO Survey. DCI anticipates the final rule will be published in the Federal Register shortly.


The EO Survey was established in a final rule promulgated by OFCCP on November 13, 2000. It requires designated nonconstruction contractor establishments to prepare an EO Survey that requires data about their personnel activities, compensation, tenure, and affirmative action programs.


The contractor community has been concerned about the overall effectiveness of the EO Survey since its implementation, and the OFCCP proposed eliminating the requirement in January 2006. The OFCCP’s proposal generated over 2,700 responses from civil rights organizations, unions, women’s groups, contractors, and consultants during the formal comment period that ended in March.


DCI will issue a client alert as soon as the final rule is released.

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