Washington, DC – Paul Wells, Compensation Consultant at The Boeing Company, was recently elected and named Chair of the Board of The Center for Corporate Equality, according to Patricia Schaeffer, Executive Director for the national nonprofit employer association based in Washington DC.

Wells is The Boeing Company’s corporate focal point on compensation audits conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), as well as internal company audits related to pay and job classification. He also serves as the compensation focal point to assure coordination and alignment with the company’s Global Diversity and Employee Rights organization.

“As we continue to build The Center for Corporate Equality as a leader in advancing high performance bias-free organizations, Wells will bring forth a mastery of skills and leadership from his extensive experience in human resource management that will further grow our strategic direction,” said Schaeffer.

Wells was elected by The Center for Corporate Equality’s (CCE) 10-member Board of Directors in January and will serve a one-year term as Chair. Recognizing the association’s growing influence in affirmative action and equal employment compliance, Wells has been an ardent supporter of equity and fairness in the workplace.

“I am honored to serve as CCE’s Chair of the Board,” said Wells. “Since joining the Board in 2007, I have admired the outstanding leadership provided by our previous Board chair – Ken Coles, Corporate Head, EEO & Diversity, Bayer – who has had great vision and astute judgment in guiding our organization through its first years. I humbly accept the baton and look forward to working with a great team of corporate leaders who serve on this Board, CCE members, and with our expert staff.”

The Center for Corporate Equality is a national employer association whose corporate members are the senior corporate leaders from the compliance, compensation, and staffing functions of some of the world’s largest global corporations. CCE’s mission is to create workplaces free from bias and unlawful discrimination by harnessing the synergies between human resource functions and promoting affirmative action and equal employment regulatory compliance.

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