President Bush to Designate Naomi Earp as EEOC Chair

President Bush announced on August 29 that he intends to designate Naomi Churchill Earp to be Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ms. Earp was sworn in on April 28, 2003 as Vice-Chair of the EEOC, and she was reconfirmed for a second term on October 26, 2005. Ms. Earp, a Republican, also serves as a Commissioner with the EEOC. She will succeed Chair Cari Dominguez, who is leaving the agency on August 31, after heading the Commission for five years.


Prior to her work on the Commission, Ms. Earp served as Director of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity of the National Institutes of Health. Earlier in her career, she served as Director of the Office of Advocacy and Enterprise at the Department of Agriculture. Ms. Earp received her bachelor’s degree from Norfolk State University and her master’s degree from Indiana University. She later received her J.D. from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.

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