by Patricia A. Schaeffer, Vice President-Regulatory Affairs

A recent 2007 Video Resume Survey released by career publisher Vault Inc. found that 89 percent of the employers surveyed said they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them. Fifty-eight percent of these participants said they would do so out of “sheer curiosity.” But 31 percent said they definitely thought a video resume would be valuable.

How would survey participants use a video resume to assess survey participants?

• 52%: Professional presentation and demeanor;
• 14%: Job experience;
• 9%: Speaking manner;
• 5%: Leadership/charisma
• 2%: Whether candidate is a member of a targeted minority group
• 1%: Physical attractiveness

Why survey participants would not find video resumes valuable?

• 46%: Had never seen a video resume;
• 16%: Other reasons;
• 15%: Makes our legal department nervous;
• 13%: Unfair to people who do not have recording equipment;
• 6%: They do not add anything to the written resume;
• 4%: Not enough time to watch them.

The survey was administered in early March 2007 and consisted of 309 responses from employers in various industries in the U.S.

The full survey results are available at

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