The Center for Corporate Equality (CCE), a nonprofit employer association based in Washington DC, was quoted in a special article published in BNA Daily Labor Report® (subscription required) featuring the outlook for the OFCCP in 2009. A summary of these remarks follows:

Patricia Schaeffer, Executive Director for CCE, said the Obama administration should focus on boosting OFCCP's technical expertise as well as its transparency in evaluating contractors' compliance. She indicated the agency needs to apply 21st-century thinking and approaches to implementing their mission by developing the necessary internal systems, processes, and procedures to support their enforcement efforts. Schaeffer said that unfortunately, some of OFCCP's most important initiatives have suffered because they do not have a coordinated and technically sophisticated infrastructure to implement them effectively. CCE also hopes that OFCCP's enforcement efforts and results will become much more transparent in the new administration. Schaeffer said that OFCCP currently provides only minimal data to explain the agency's enforcement results. CCE has conducted its own comprehensive analysis of OFCCP's fiscal 2007 enforcement data, and now plans to release the report in early March. CCE hopes that in the future, OFCCP will conduct and share a similar analysis of its fiscal 2009 enforcement results.

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