VETS-100 Report Is Due On September 30

Employers who entered into and/or modified a federal contract of $25,000 or more before December 1, 2003 are required to file a VETS-100 Report annually by the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, as amended (VEVRAA). The VETS-100 Report is due September 30 to the Department of Labor (DOL).


DOL warned employers of the two types of sanctions for the violations of the reporting requirement in the “Frequently Asked Questions” about VETS-100 Report at the DOL’s Web site. Information on employers’ filing status will be provided to OFCCP and OFCCP, as an agency responsible for the enforcement of VEVRRA, will negotiate with an employer for a “mutually acceptable remedy” for the failure to submit VETS-100 report. DOL also creates a database for Federal Contracting Officers to perform a search to verify an organization’s submission of the VETS-100 report. Federal Contracting Officers are forbidden to award or modify Federal contracts unless the current VETS-100 Reports have been submitted.


Employers can file reports at the DOL’s Web site or submit a diskette in the data format specified by the DOL.


By Sul-Kee Kim, Consultant, DCI Consulting Group, Inc.

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