Breaking News: OMB Approves the Modified OFCCP Disability Self-ID Form

OFCCP provided notification today that the modified disability self-id collection form has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).  OFCCP hopes this streamlined form will increase the response rate of applicants and employees who choose to voluntarily self-identify their disability status. The most substantive (and welcomed) change is the decrease in form length from two pages to one.

The form is available for immediate use, but contractors have until August 4, 2020 to implement the necessary changes required for their applicant and employee processes and systems. The revised form is currently available in English with both Word and PDF versions. As noted on the website forms in Spanish, and possibly other languages, are coming soon. Note, until the revised form is implemented contractors must continue to use the previously approved form.

As a reminder, contractors cannot make substantive changes to the language of the form, however some non-substantive changes are allowed, especially if to make the form accessible. OFCCP FAQs provide information for implementation, among other questions.

By Amanda Bowman, Associate Principal Consultant at DCI Consulting Group

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