California DFEH Releases User Guide and Template Examples

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) released the user guide, excel file template, and CSV file template for the SB-973 pay data collection.
The CA Pay Data Reporting User Guide provides an overview of all data requirements, as well as step-by-step details on how employers can submit reports through the pay reporting portal (which will be available 2/16/21). Employers will have three available methods for reporting; DFEH recommends using either option 1 or 2 below. No reports will be accepted by email or hard copy.
  1. uploading an Excel file
  2. uploading a .CSV file
  3. manually entering information using the portal’s fillable form.
DCI is still working to digest the new user guide and templates, however we would like to call attention to a couple of additional details not covered under the most recent FAQs.
  • Employers should utilize W-2 Box 1 earnings if an employee does not have any Box 5 earnings. According to the user guide: "If any employee has wages not reported in Box 5, as may be the case for an H-2A visa holder for example, use W-2 Box 1 for that employee and note this in the associated remarks field". This change may add to the level of burden on employers already pulling W-2 Box 5 earnings for all California employees.
  • Non-binary gender will be a third option for reporting sex, in addition to male and female. Employers will not have to report this information through comments as they did with EEO-1 Component 2.

DCI will continue to monitor the changes to the California Pay Report website and is working to review all aspects of the user guide.

Stay tuned for additional details.

By Tyler Wurtz, Associate Consultant

More information and assistance with filing can be found here:

California Pay Data Requirement

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