California Pay Data Reporting Update

By: Jair Portillo

Mark May 8, 2024, on your calendar — the California Civil Rights Department (CRD) updated its Pay Data Reporting site to indicate this May 8 deadline for submitting your 2023 pay data reports.

Who is Required to File: 

  • Private employers with a workforce of 100 or more employees and at least one employee in California. The obligation extends to employers with workers engaged through labor contractors, necessitating the filing of labor contractor reports.  
  • Labor Contractors are defined as “an individual or entity that supplies…a client employer with workers to perform labor within the client employer’s usual course of business.” 
  • Failure to file the report by the deadline can result in civil penalties, and CRD can seek a court order requiring employers to comply with the pay reporting requirements. 

What to File: 

  • Employers must submit employee data grouped by establishment, pay band (based on W-2 Box 5 earnings), EEO-1 job category, and race/ethnicity, and sex. For each group, the employee count, mean and median hourly rates, and total hours worked are reported. Data must be submitted for a single pay period between October 1 and December 31 of the previous year. 

Website Maintenance and Updates: 

  • CA pay reporting website materials currently reflect the outdated 2022 reporting year. 
  • The CA Pay Reporting site will undergo maintenance on January 31st, 2024, and is anticipated to reopen at 8 AM PT on February 1st, 2024. 

DCI will continue to monitor updates to the California Pay Data Reporting site, including any changes to the User Guide, FAQs, and various other essential materials.

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