Contractor Certification Program Announced by Craig Leen

On Friday August 3, 2018, Acting OFCCP Director Craig Leen announced OFCCP’s  development of a contractor certification during the closing remarks of the National ILG conference in Anaheim, CA.  Leen discussed the System for Award Management (SAM) which is administered by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).  Earlier in the conference, DCI’s David Cohen also discussed the SAM database, surprising attendees, which has an element related to Affirmative Action and VETS-4212 compliance.  Examples are noted below.

joanna blog pic 1

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Although still a work in progress, Mr. Leen acknowledged that OFCCP officials were working towards gathering information from the database to potentially target contractors that were not checking the box on their affirmative action compliance obligations.  The tone of the address was positive and collaborative; Mr. Leen indicated that that the certification check would be a target for contractors that avoid preparing affirmative action plans on an annual basis.

Additionally, Mr. Leen addressed a desire to see more contractors develop Functional Affirmative Action Plans (FAAPs) as well as an upcoming Memorandum of Understanding with the National ILG Board.

By Joanna Colosimo, M.A., Director of EEO Compliance at DCI Consulting Group


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