Directive Friday: Clarifying OFCCP’s Compliance Procedures

OFCCP issued 3 new policy directives today, November 30, 2018. All directives were announced under the purview of ‘advancing clear and efficient compliance’ and providing federal contractors with greater certainty on how OFCCP conducts compliance evaluations and investigations. These are the first directives of fiscal year 2019, adding to the 9 directives released in fiscal year 2018.  

The following blogs provide additional information for each directive:

Directive 2019-01: Evaluation Procedures

Directive 2019-02: Easy Resolution Procedures

Directive 2019-03: Opinion Letters and Help Desk

The new policy directives are generally a ‘win’ for contractors, as they allow for opportunities to clarify regulations, rescind the Active Case Enforcement (ACE) directive, and give contractors opportunities to resolve cases in a stream-lined fashion across the organization. DCI will continue to provide additional updates and insights on the Directives in the coming weeks.


By Joanna Colosimo, Director of EEO Compliance, and Amanda Shapiro, Associate Principal Consultant, at DCI Consulting Group

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