DCI’s Kayo Sady Publishes Book Chapter on Pay Equity

Dr. Kayo Sady, Associate Principal Consultant at DCI, is lead author of a recently published pay equity chapter in an edited volume on wage and hour research entitled Wage and Hour Law: Guide to Methods and Analysis. The chapter covers concepts of internal and external equity and describes the process of using multiple regression to evaluate the presence of pay difference between protected class subgroups.

It is currently available as an electronic download, and the printed version of the entire volume will be available in June 2018.

Sady, K. & Hanvey, C. (2018). Pay Equity. In C. Hanvey (Ed.), Wage and Hour Law: Guide to Methods and Analysis (pp. 171-184). Springer.


For further reference, please see prior publications by Dr. Sady and other DCI staff on topics of pay equity:

Sady, K., & Aamodt, M. (2016). Analyzing EO Disparities in Pay: Guidance in the Application of Regression Analyses. Morris, S. B., & Dunleavy, E. D. (Eds.), Adverse Impact Analysis: Understanding Data, Statistics and Risk (pp. 216-238). Psychological Press.

Sady, K., Aamodt, M., & Cohen, D. (2015). Compensation Equity and Title VII: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. In Hanvey, C., & Sady, K. (Eds.), HR Practitioners Guide to Legal Issues in Organizations (249-282). New York: Springer Publishing.

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