New Sheriff in Town: Ondray T. Harris Speaks at Institute Conference

The Institute for Workplace Equality (IWE) held a Compliance Conference in San Francisco last month in which representatives participated from the EEOC and OFCCP. Victoria Lipnic, Acting EEOC Chair, addressed attendees on the #MeToo movement bringing heightened attention to sexual harassment in the workplace. Use this link to view this timely and important message.

OFCCP Director Ondray T. Harris and Senior Advisor Craig Leen also presented at the conference.  Director Harris discussed 5 broad topics:

1.) . A focus on contractor recognition:

  • There was an expressed desire for recognition program initiatives for Individuals with Disabilities (i.e., ensuring EEO) and pay (i.e., maturity of pay practices).
2.)  A focus on compliance/technical assistance programs:
  • There was a mention of gaining feedback and conducting focus groups with contractors, as well as a “Contractor Bill of Rights” that would allow contractors an opportunity to ask questions during a compliance evaluation without penalty.
3.)  A focus on apprenticeship programs:
  • The discussion centered on leveraging contractor’s workforces and the exploration of partnerships with the ETA to create a skilled labor pool.
  • This included discussion of a possible safe harbor provision and exemption from audits.

4.) An effort to ensure transparency:

  • Specifically, there was a discussion on increasing the time between release of CSAL and scheduling letters, more communication on the reason for data requests during a compliance evaluation, and use of predetermination notices.
  • Discussions on the methodology for pay analysis and information potentially forth coming from the OFCCP to employers.
  • Review of the current ACE and past ACM materials for efficiency gains in future OFCCP processes.
    Investigation of potential discrimination for all protected groups.
5.)  An effort to revisit ‘aged’ audits:
  • This included an OFCCP internal review asking why a case has been open for years.

We are excited for an open and collaborative leadership style from the OFCCP! Continue to look for future updates on industry trends and news with our written and video blogs.

By Keli Wilson, Principal Consultant, Senior Manager of Compliance and D&I and Joanna Colosimo, Associate Principal Consultant, Director of Compliance

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