Delay Announced for the Enforcement of New York City’s Local Law 144

By: Dave Schmidt and Bre Timko

If you have been following the state of New York City’s Local Law 144, which is intended to regulate the use of automated employment decision tools (AEDTs) used to make or substantially assist hiring decisions, you may be feeling a distinct sense of déjà vu.

On the morning of April 6, less than 10 days before the law was set to begin enforcement on April 15, the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) updated their website on new laws and rules to state:

Note: DCWP will begin enforcement of this law and rule on July 5, 2023.

This is the second time the DCWP has announced a delay in enforcement just prior to the scheduled date. Previously, in early December, the city announced a delay that pushed the original January 1 date to April 15.

Employers, vendors, and auditors who have, in good faith, spent significant time, money, and effort in the last several months to come into compliance with this law will need to review the final rules and may need to refine their approach and methodology as necessary.

The DCWP just circulated final rules that DCI is currently reviewing. Stay tuned as DCI continues to digest information and monitor updates on New York City’s Local Law 144.

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