OFCCP Announces New Version of Notification Site for Construction Contracts

By: Bill Osterndorf

On August 22, 2022, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announced a new version of the notification site used to inform OFCCP of construction contracts and subcontracts.  

In the past, OFCCP has asked construction companies to send the agency an email notifying the agency of subcontracts in excess of $10,000.  Starting August 26, 2022, construction contractors will able to use an online portal to provide this information to OFCCP. 

The portal, referred to as the Notification of Construction Contract Award Portal (NCAP), will provide contracting officers and federal contractors with a more efficient and secure electronic means to notify OFCCP of construction contracts and subcontracts. The agency hopes the use of this portal will result in a more timely and complete collection of information regarding federal contracts and subcontracts from construction companies. 

NCAP will be the primary source for entering, tracking, and submitting contract award notifications for review by OFCCP and will eliminate the need for email correspondence regarding contract award.  

OFCCP’s website on NCAP notes that a series of FAQs, a How-To Video, and a User Guide will be available shortly. OFCCP held a webinar on August 26, 2022 that provided more information on NCAP. A recording of the webinar will be Available on the NCAP webpage.

During 2022, federal contractors and subcontractors that are not involved in construction projects were asked to certify compliance with the federal affirmative action laws at a new Contractor Portal.  NCAP is not an equivalent site to the Contractor Portal.  There is still no certification requirement for construction contractors and subcontractors.  Instead, NCAP is a more efficient way to fulfill a long-standing requirement for construction companies involved in federal projects. 

Construction companies are not required to self-report contracts they receive directly from a federal agency. For construction companies with directly-awarded federal contracts, contracting officers at the federal agencies will be responsible for providing information in NCAP.   However, construction companies with federal contracts that use subcontractors will be responsible for providing information on their subcontractors in NCAP.

DCI will continue to monitor OFCCP news and regulations as they occur. 

Bill Osterndorf

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