OFCCP Posts Long-Awaited CSAL in OFCCP FOIA Library

On March 25, OFCCP posted the long-awaited Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) in the OFCCP FOIA Library. According to OFCCP, today marks the first time that the agency has posted the CSAL in the FOIA Library without mailing advanced contractor notifications to individual establishments. 

OFCCP also updated its scheduling methodology and FAQs on CSAL and Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations. These resources are available here.

DCI has done a breakdown of the type of reviews included in today’s CSAL:


DCI is currently reviewing the list and will send an update immediately once more information becomes available.  DCI consultants will be notifying their clients on the list ASAP.

Click here to visit the OFCCP website and learn more.

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