OFCCP Releases Directives on AAP Verification Initiative and Contractor Recognition Programs

In addition to its new directive on compensation, today OFCCP released a directive on its Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative and its Contractor Recognition Program.

Here is an overview of each Directive:

Directive 2018-06 (Contractor Recognition Program) outlines the following initiatives:

  • OFCCP is working on developing a recognition program that highlights contractor best practices;
  • Implementing a contractor ‘mentoring program’;
  • And that OFCCP will working with the Women’s Bureau, the Office of Disability Employment Policy, and other Department of Labor agencies.

Directive 2018-07 (Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative) outlines the following initiatives:

  • Development of a process whereby contractors would certify on a yearly basis compliance with AAP requirements.
  • Inclusion of a criterion in the neutral scheduling methodology increasing the likelihood of compliance reviews for contractors that have not certified compliance with the AAP requirements.
  • Compliance checks to verify contractor compliance with AAP requirements.
  • Requesting proffer of the AAP by contractors when requesting extensions of time to provide support data in response to a scheduling letter.
  • Development of information technology to collect and facilitate review of AAPs provided by federal contractors.
  • OFCCP will prepare a public outreach and education campaign on this initiative.


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