OFCCP Releases New Technical Assistance Guide for Educational Institutions with Federal Contracts

Today, October 11, 2019, OFCCP released a new technical assistance guide for educational institutions with federal contracts. According to OFCCP, federal contractors will be able to use this new technical assistance guide as a self-assessment tool as they create, review, and update their affirmative action programs. Highlights of the technical assistance guide include:

  • Overview of equal employment opportunity obligations for federal contractors
  • Required components of affirmative action programs and related information
  • What to expect during an OFCCP compliance evaluation
OFCCP indicated that the release of this technical assistance guide is meant to serve as a useful tool for educational institutions with federal contracts. This guide is part of an ongoing effort from OFCCP to help federal contractors comply with the laws and regulations OFCCP enforces and help contractors understand the compliance evaluation process.

To read the full technical assistance guide, click here.

DCI is reviewing and digesting and will keep you updated on key takeaways in the coming week.

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