OFCCP Releases New Technical Assistance Guide for Small Contractors

On December 3, 2020, OFCCP announced the release of a new technical assistance guide for small contractors. The new guide provides compliance assistance on equal employment opportunity obligations for small federal supply, construction contractors and subcontractors, and more. Small contractors can use the guide as a self-assessment tool in order to review the compliance practices they have in place.
The guide addresses the following:
  • Understand equal employment opportunity (EEO) obligations under the laws OFCCP enforces.
  • Learn how to comply with federal EEO laws, even in the absence of a scheduled compliance evaluation by OFCCP.
  • Learn requirements and key differences in requirements for small vs. larger contractors.
  • OFCCP provides meaningful compliance assistance to help federal contractors comply with the laws and regulations it enforces and understand the compliance evaluation process. We hope the release of this new technical assistance guide will further this aim and serve as a useful tool. Find all of OFCCP’s compliance assistance guides.
To view the full guide, click here.
By DCI Consulting Group

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