OFCCP Releases Notice for Public Comment on Leadership in Equal Access and Diversity (LEAD) Award

On October 19, 2018, OFCCP released a notice asking for public comment on its proposed Leadership in Equal Access and Diversity (LEAD) Award. The LEAD Award is a joint effort from OFCCP with the DOL’s Women’s Bureau to “recognize contractor best practices in comprehensive equal employment opportunity and nondiscrimination programs.”

This proposed award comes in the wake of Directive 2018-06, which describes OFCCP’s efforts to recognize contractors with “high-quality and high-performing compliance programs and initiatives” and is part of OFCCP’s response to feedback from stakeholders to find ways to identify and publicly recognize contractor best practices.

The last day to submit comments is December 18, 2018. You can find more information on the proposed structure and details of the LEAD Award here: Proposed Leadership in Equal Access and Diversity (LEAD) Award

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