OFCCP Announces Update to Supply & Service Scheduling List

OFCCP has announced changes to its 2020 Supply and Service Scheduling List.

The list was comprised of 500 compliance reviews, 500 accommodation focused reviews, 500 promotions focused reviews, 250 Section 503 focused reviews, and 500 compliance checks.

This list has been amended by removing all establishments selected to receive focused reviews and compliance checks. As reflected in the FAQ, the change in this list “has no impact regarding open reviews from prior lists. Unscheduled cases and open cases from prior lists will proceed as usual.”

This move allows OFCCP to build on the successes and lessons learned from the Section 503 and VEVRAA Focused Review program in order to strengthen enforcement of its laws protecting people with disabilities and veterans during comprehensive compliance evaluations.

An amended CSAL list along with amended methodology have been posted on the agency website.

The previously mentioned FAQ regarding this topic can be found here.

This is a breaking story. DCI will provide updates as the situation develops.

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